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Sunday, June 14, 2009

7 PLaces Where Muslims Are Not Allowed To Pray

By Ali Salman

There are seven places where Muslims are not allowed to pray:

1) On a dung hill,
2) In a slaughterhouse,
3) In a graveyard,
4) In the middle of the road,
5) In a bathroom,
6) In the watering place where camels drink and sit, and
7) Upon the roof of the House of Allah.


1) Kore karkat ka dher
2) Zibah khana
3) Qabristan
4) Rasta
5) Hamam
6) Oonto ka baara, aur
7) Bait Ullah ki chahtt

(Termizi, h:346)
(sunan ibn e maja, h:747)


  1. OK. I second that notion on the bathroom one..... That'd be embarrasing....

  2. wow.. nice information. i always wanted to learn about muslim religion and i hope ur blog will help me a lot. i decided to follow ur blog. c u around.


  3. I was about to go offline but when I saw your comment, I know I needed to respond. Thanks a lot for finding time to read the teachings of Islam on my blog. It is my responsibility as a
    Muslim to sow peace and not fear..for the true
    essence of Islam is peace and love among men.


Thanks for posting your thoughts. May Allah bless you always.:)

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