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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


This e-mail was forwarded to me by my loving uncle, DR. ABAS A. CANDAO. Even beyond death, the Almighty Allah will still grant you rewards if you will do the following:

1. Give a copy of the holy Quraan to someone and each time they read from it, you will gain "hasanaat".

2. Donate a wheel chair to a hospital and each time a sick person uses it, you will gain "hasanaat".

3. Share constructive reading material with someone.

4. Help in educating a child.

5. Teach someone to recite a dua. With each recitation, you will gain "hasanaat".

6. Share a dua or Quraan cd.

7. Participate in the building of a masjid.

8. Place a water cooler in a public place .

9. Plant a tree. Each time any person or an animal sits under its shade or eats from the tree, you will gain "hasanaat".

10. Please share this knowledge with someone. If one person applies any of the above you will receive your hasanaat until the day of Judgment.

Please copy and forward this as an e-mail to all Muslim brothers and sisters and please dont forget all of us in your prayers..... Jazak Allah.

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