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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Islam forbids swearing, back-biting and slander!

Source: Inspirational-Islamic Statements-of Reflection

In another Hadith he said: “Do not harm Muslims, and do not revile them, nor pursue their imperfections. For verily, whosoever pursues the imperfections of his brother (or sister) shall have his own imperfections pursued by Allah.” [Sunan of at-Tirmidhi]

Islam forbids swearing, back-biting and slander!

I understand that out of anger we maybe saying some unpleasant comments which are un-called for. Let us try and restrain our anger towards the brother, sister or any one of us and direct it in a more constructive way rather than us stooping to a shallow level and accumulating unnecessary sins through swearing, slander & back-biting etc.

Also some of our comments maybe bordering an element of racism. It is distressful and nothing like this should happen to anyone whether Muslim or not, its not about being a Muslim etc rather it is a common human decency & morality to recognize something wrong or any injustice done to anyone or any thing - not matter the creed, color etc and to assist the individual to remove the afflicted harm.

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